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May 2005

Patient Data: 31 year old male

Clinical Info: Palpable non tender mass in the left testicle

Longitudinal view of the left testicle showing a lobulated mass with a density slightly lower than the rest of the testicle.

The mass shows a marked hypervascularity compared to the rest of the testicle.

Transverse image of the testicular mass. Because a vascularized non tender testicular mass in a 31 year old male is highly suspicious of malignancy, the patient was operated. To everyone's surprise the mass was not malignant, but was a splenogonadal fusion. The hypervascularized lesion is splenic tissue within the testicle. It is a benign uncommon abnormality, especially when found in an adult. When a vascularized testicular mass is found in children, it is good to think about this entity because the treatment is not the same as with malignant lesions. In case of a splenogonadal fusion tumorectomy can be performed with preservation of the testicle. Especially when a lesion is hypo or avascular a testicular lesion is not always malignant.

This hypoechoic lesion in the testicle of a 20 year old male was also benign and was a Leydig´s cell tumor.

This lobulated testicular lesion in a 32 year old patient with mixed echogenicity, without vascularization, appeared to be a hemorrhagic chronic inflammation. However testicular lesions, especially when they are vascularized, should always be considered suspicious of malignancy until proven otherwise.

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