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June 2005

Patient Data: 45 year old female

Clinical Info: Vaginal Bleeding

Longitudinal image of the hypoechoic lesion in the uterus that could be mistaken for a uterine fibroid.

This longitudinal image shows a different appearance of the lesion. The lesion expands from the endometrial cavity to the myometrium with an interruption of the endometrial lining.

Longitudinal image of the same lesion.

Transverse image of the lesion. At operation a high-grade stromal cell sarcoma was found.

This longitudinal image shows a hypoechoic submucosal fibroid that can also be a cause of vaginal bleeding.

Transverse image of the same fibroid.

Another malignant lesion in the uterus that causes vaginal bleeding is the endometrial carcinoma. This image shows a mass and fluid in the endometrial cavity that proved to be an endometrial carcinoma.

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