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April 2011

Patient Data: Female neonate 1 day old

Clinical Info: Abnormal findings during prenatal ultrasound screening

There is a fluid and air filled structure caudal to the right liver lobe

Transverse view of the fluid filled structure in the right upper abdomen

Longitudinal view of the same structure with fluid and air. This stucture proved to be the stomach in the right upper abdomen

Next to the stomach is a round solid looking structure anterior to the right adrenal which is normal

Detail of the same structure

The right adrenal is normal The round solid structure lies medial to the adrenal and lateral to the right sided stomach

The solid structure is vascularized and is splenic tissue

There is a smaller round structure between the right liver lobe and the right kidney

Next to it are 2 even smaller similar looking structures. These round structures are also splenic tissue. The presence of multiple rounded spleens is called polysplenia

The abnormal position of the stomach and the polysplenia can be part of a group of anomalies referred to as polysplenia syndrome which can be a manifestation of heterotaxy. The patient was referred to a childrens hospital to rule out other abnormalities. No cardiac abnormalities were found. The patient will be followed up.

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