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July 2011

Patient Data: Male patient 42 years

Clinical Info: 3 palpable structures within the scrotum

Transverse image showing 3 scrotal structures

Another extended field of view image showing 3 identical looking structures

Longitudinal image of a normal left testis

Longitudinal image of a normal right testis

Longitudinal image of the structure next to the right testis

Longitudinal image of the structure next to the right testis. The structure is vascularized

Transverse image of the structure next to the right testis

Transverse image of the scrotum. The structure on the right side has an echogenicity that is slightly higher than the 2 normal testes.

Although the structure has the size of a testis and it is vascularized, it is not a third testis. During compression the structure was soft. The structure was not present during childhood and had developed over the last months. Because of its aspect and structure we concluded that the third structure was probably a lipoma. This was confirmed during surgery
Conclusion 2 normal testis and a lipoma resembling a third testis

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Multimodality imaging of paratesticular neoplasms and their rare mimics.
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