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January 2012

Patient Data: 16 year old male

Clinical Info: Routine examination in a patient with intermittent pain in the right upper abdomen

Transverse image of the right upper abdomen showing two cystic structures next to eachother

Another transverse image of the two cystic structures

41112-3635766_20110708_ABDOMEN-__0003.swf Videoclip of the two cystic structures

Longitudinal image of one of the two cystic structures

Longitudinal image of the second cystic structure

41115-3635766_20110708_ABDOMEN-__0002.swf Longitudinal video of both cystic structures

The structures show no flow and can not be caused by a dilatated vessel

One of the cystic structures is in continuity with the intrahepatic bile ducts

This cystic structure also shows continuity with the distal common cile duct

Detail of the continuity with the distal common bile duct

41120-3635766_20110708_ABDOMEN-__0006.swf Videiclip of the cystic sructure with continuity of the bile ducts

The pancreas is normal

41122-3635766_20110708_ABDOMEN-__0005.swf Videoclip of the cystic mass and the pancreas

MRCP of the same patient

This patient did not have a double gallbladder, but one gallbladder and a localized cystic dilatation of the common bile duct (Choledochocele)

For more examples of Choledochoceles see

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