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May 2012

Patient Data: Male patient 19 years old

Clinical Info: Persistent swelling in the gluteal muscle after a ski accident a few months ago. Hematoma?

Large hematoma in the gluteal muscle with a large central anechoic part that could be mistaken for a liquefied hematoma

Another image of the same structure

42960-2667766_20111221__0017.swf There is an abnormal pulsation in the mass

With the color doppler on, the lesion shows flow

42961-2667766_20111221__0016.swf The anechoic mass shows flow

The lesion shows the typical yin and yang flow pattern characteristic for false aneurysms

The lesion shows continuity with a small artery

42965-2667766_20111221__0019.swf videoclip

An angiogram was performed

The catheter was inserted just before the neck of the aneurysm

Coils were placed to obstruct the feeding vessel

Detail image of the coils

After the procedure the aneurysm no longer fills with contrast

Part of the mass was a hematoma but the anechoic part was not a hematoma but a large false aneurysm

For more examples of false aneurysms see

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