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October 2012

Patient Data: Female patient 26 years old

Clinical Info: Has been kicked in the abdomen the night before. Now has severe abdominal pain

Abnormal fluid collection at the lowerpole of the right kidney with internal structure

Another longitudinal image of the right kidney and fluid collection at the lower pole

Transverse image of the right kidney with fluid collection

Longitudinal image of the right kidney and fluid collection which also contains some air

There is air in the fluid collection

The pancreas looks normal. No fluid around the pancreas

Longitudinal image of the pancreas and liver. No fluid was found. There was no fluid in the rest of the abdomen

46497-7563000_20120503__0013.swf video in longitudinal plane with a fluid collection containing air next to the right kidney

46498-7563000_20120503__0024.swf video also showing part of the duodenum with a thickened wall urrounded by fluid with air

46499-7563000_20120503__0038.swf video in transverse plane also showing the fluid and part of the duodenum

46524-duoden_rupt.swf CT scan in axial plane arterial phase showing a fluid filled duodenum with a thickened wall with a defect in the inferior part. There is fluid with air surrounding the duodenum extending to the right kidney

46525-duoden_rupt2.swf CT scan axial plane late phase showing a normal right kidney

46526-duoden_rupt3.swf CT scan in coronal plane The defect in the duodenal wall in the inferior part of the duodenum is clearly visible

The patient was operated and there was a duodenal perforation in the retroperitoneal part

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