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January 2013

Patient Data: Female patient 33 years old

Clinical Info: Pain in the lower abdomen and slightly raised infection parameters. An ultrasound examination was requested to rule out an appendicitis

There is a cystic looking mass with debris and air without peristalsis

The mass is rounded in all directions and is not a bowel loop

The mass also ontains some echogenic structures

There is also some free peritoneal fluid

There is some fluid around the liver

Another image of the fluid around the liver

48701-9579338_20120922__0018.swf video showing the cystic mass in longitudinal plane

48702-9579338_20120922__0019.swf video showing the cystic mass in transverse plane just above the bladder

48704-9579338_20120922__0021.swf video showing the free peritoneal fluid

The differential diagnosis should include an abscess but the wall is very regular and the clinical and laboratory findings are not consistent with an abscess. The patient was operated and the fluid filled mass proved to be a large inflamed Meckels divericulum

more more examples of a Meckels diverticum see

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