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March 2013

Patient Data: 72 year old female

Clinical Info: The patient had recently been seen in another hospital for a mass in the ear

Longitudinal image of the jugular vein with a well defined vascularized tumor mass descending brom the base of the skull. There is still flow in the jugular vein

Longitudinal image of the distal margin of the intraluminal mass

Transverse image of the intraluminal mass

Transverse color doppler image of the mass showing that the mass is vascularized

Another transverse image of the tumor in the jugular vein next to the carotid artery

Longitudinal color doppler image showing flow in the mass

48729-2232544_20120907__0008.swf video of the jugular vein in transverse plane

It proved that the patient was treated elswhere for a glomus tumor The descending well defined tumor mass in the jugular vein till halfway the jugular vein proved to be a glomus jugulare tumor

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