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October 2013

Patient Data: 70 year old female

Clinical Info: Palpable mass in the neck

Longitudinal image of the well defined hypoechoic mass in the parotid gland

Transverse image of the well defined hypoechoic mass in the parotid gland

Another transverse image of the hypoechoic mass

Longitudinal image of the mass shows that the mass is vascularized

Transverse image of the mass with vascularity

Image of a similar mass in a 68 year old male patient

The mass is situated at the periphery of the gland and is lobulated

This mass is also vasvularized

Many well defined salivary gland lesions are benign pleomorphic adenomas or Warthin tumors. Beware however of lymph nodes The nodes can lie within or at the periphery of the salivary glands. Some nodes can be benign but they can be malignant In this case both patients had Malt lymphomas (mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue) and this is a form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

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