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March 2014

Patient Data: 19 year old female

Clinical Info: Palpable masses in abdomen

There is a large calcified mass in the left lower abdomen

There is another calcified mass in the right lower abdomen

Longitudinal image of the normal uterus. Part of the calcified mass is seen cranial to the uterus

Transverse image of a normal uterus There is some free peritoneal fluid

Another image of the calcified mass in the right lower abdomen

Another image of the same mass

Image of the mass in the left lower abdomen

Another image of the same mass

Plain abdominal X ray of the abdomen showing the calcifications

53496-3955051_20130502103029.swf video

53497-3955051_20130502103056.swf video

53498-3955051_20130502103152.swf video

53499-3955051_20130502103217.swf video

53500-3955051_20130502103424.swf video

53501-3955051_20130502103424.swf video

The patient was referred to the gynecologist. The cacified masses proved to be bilateral benign calcified ovarian fibromas. The left ovary and tumor were completely removed. The tumor on the right side was also removed but the right ovary was saved. The patient told us that her mother also had ovarian tumors removed at a fairly young age. Calcified ovarian fibromas have been reported in Gorlin syndrome and Sotos syndrome.

For more examples of benign ovarian lesions see

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