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July 2014

Patient Data: Male patient 60 years old

Clinical Info: Patient was a hepatitis patient and came for a control examination

There is a new developed liver lesion next to the gallbladder

Another image of the same liver lesion

The lesion impresses the gallbladder

The mass is vascularized

Another image with color doopler showing the mass is vascularized

There is an irregular liver contour

Another image of the irregular liver contour

The spleen is enlarged

Transverse image of the enlarged spleen

54592-Mijn_Film_1.swf video 1

54593-Mijn_Film_2.swf video 2

54594-Mijn_Film_3.swf video 3

The irregular liver contour and the enlarged spleen are suggestive for liver cirrhosis and portal hyperetension. If you look at the CT scan the collateral veins in the form of esophagus varices are also suggestive for portal hypertension. Any new liver lesion that develops in these patients is a HCC umtil proven otherwise. Unfortunately for the patient the performed biopsy of the lesion proved it to be a HCC

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