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August 2014

Patient Data: 52 year old male patient

Clinical Info: Patient with a chronic ulcreative colitis for many years and now has a mild jaundice

Another image of the liver

If you look closely you can see that the walls of the bile ducts are thickened

Another image of the liver hilum

The gallbladder is normal

54796-2365909_20130731085618.swf video

54797-2365909_20130731085641.swf video

54798-2365909_20130731085706.swf video

54799-2365909_20130731085733.swf video

54800-2365909_20130731085842.swf video

54801-2365909_20130731085954.swf video

54802-Mijn_Film_1.swf video

This is an image of a 20 year old patient with ulcerative colitis who also has a thickened wall of the bile ducts but who doesn't has jaundice yet

Another image of the same patient

The thick wall is clearly visible

MRI image of the same patient showing caliber changes in the intra and extra hepatic bile ducts

Although the lesion in the liver hilum of the first patient could have been caused by a Klatskin tumor (cholangiocarcinoma) the jaundice was caused bij a stenosis of the bile ducts caused bij a primary sclerosing cholangitis

For more examples of cases of (primary sclerosing)cholangitis see

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