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January 2014

Patient Data: Male patient 42 years old

Clinical Info: Dicrete swelling over the radial artery

Transverse image of the abnormal arterial wall

Another transverse image of the same radial artery. Do you think this is another case of cystic adventitial disease?

Transverse image with flow The lumen of the artery is normal. There is no flow is the cystic structures in the wall

Transverse image showing again the cystc structures in the wall

Longitudinal view of the artery

Longitudinal view of the artery

Longitudinal image with flow

55329-1223570_20120730155838.swf video

55330-1223570_20120730155915.swf video

Of course we also compared with the normal side. This is the transverse view

This is the normal side transverse with flow

This is the normal side longitudinal

And this is the normal side with flow. When we asked the patient he admitted that he had sustained a trauma to the wrist some time ago. We concluded that perhaps the changes were post traumatic. We decided to do an MRI

55331-wrist.swf MRI

55332-wrist2.swf MRI

55333-wrist3.swf MRI

55334-wrist4.swf MRI We concluded that the lesion was probabbly postraumatic with edema and some hemmorhage and waited a number of months and repeated the examination

This is the longitudinal image of the same abnormal artery. The abnormalities are gone

Normal transvere image with flow

Longitudinal image with flow

The abnormalities in the arterial wall of the radial atery are not caused by adventitial cysts but by post traumatic changes

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