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March 2015

Patient Data: 60 year old male patient

Clinical Info: Patient has a large palpable mass in the right flank and fever

There is a large mass in continuation with the right kidney

Longitudinal image of the right kidney with the large mass

Another longitudinal image of the right kidney with the large mass

Transverse image of the mass and right kidney

Another transverse image

The mass extends well beyond the right kidney

A great part of the mass is fairly homogeneous and does not show any vascularity

55713-Mijn_Film_1.swf CT scan

55714-Mijn_Film_2_after_drainage.swf CT scan after drainage

The large mas proved to be a very large retroperitoneal abscess. After evacuation of 2,5 litres of pus the patient recovered well

For other various retroperitoneal abnormalities see

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