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November 2015

Patient Data: 38 year old female patient

Clinical Info: Patient feels a lump in the axilla and is worried about a possible lymph node metastasis

Axillary mass with very irregular borders. Does this look like a lymph node

Another image of the lesion

Another image of the lesion

The lesion is moderately stiff with elastography so that doesn't really help. The patient was treated for FAP (familial adenomatous polyposis)and we did a core biopsy

This is a lesion in the abdominal wall in a 75 year old male patient

This lesion also has very irregular margins

The lesion is vascularized

Another image showing vessels within the lesion. Again we decided to do a core biopsy

Both lesion proved to be desmoid tumors. Patients with a known FAP( familial adenomatous polyposis) heve a higher risk for desmoid tumors

For other examples of desmoid tumors in the abdominal wall see

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