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January 2016

Patient Data: 81 year old male

Clinical Info: Weight loss and cachexia the liver is palpable

Abnormal liver with large hypoechoic periportal lesions

The portal vein is patent

The mass extends around the liver

Another image of the perihepatic mass and a few abnormal lymph nodes

The mass is located at the periphery of the lever

The hypoechoic mass also extends around the gallbladder The gallbladder is filled with sludge

Another image of the abnormal gallbladder with surrounding mass

This is an image of the liver of a 46 year old female patient with abnormal liver function tests

There are hypoechoic lesions scattered throughout the liver

Another image of the left liver lobe

62704-Mijn_Film_1.swf CT scan. In the spleen is a benign cyst

Both patients had biopsy proven non Hodgkin's disease in and around the liver. The first patient had a lymphoma with mainly perportal and perhepatic masses. The second patient had a diffuse abnormal liver filled with tiny lesions. Lymphoma of the liver usually has larger hypoechoic intrahepatic lesions, but the aspect can vary. The aspect is usually hyoechoic

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