Extensive infection THP resulting in fasciitis

Clinical information

Female patient, 86 years old. Leg has been swollen and painful for 1 week. Unable to walk properly, also painful while sitting. Referred by the general practitioner for a leg ultrasound with suspicion of DVT or ruptured Baker's cyst.

Brief description

At the start of the ultrasound, extensive air configurations in the fascial layer were visible, making the underlying structures no longer visualizable. Air configurations may indicate a possible fasciitis (necrotizing) and the presence of gas-forming bacteria. Subsequently, an X-ray of the femur and lower leg was performed, confirming the diagnosis of fasciitis. Further investigations revealed that it is not necrotizing fasciitis but an extensive infection THP resulting in fasciitis.

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Extensive infection THP resulting in fasciitis.


  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 86
  • Body part: Upper and lower leg

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