Thrombosis of the pampiniform plexus

Scrotal venous thrombosis

Clinical information

Patient with intermittent attacks of left testicular pain. On palpation a small swelling cranial of the left testicle. In medical history no genitourinary problems.

Brief description

Ultrasound demonstrated a normal texture of the testes with symmetric vascularization. Unremarkable epididymis. Cranio-lateral of the testicle veins containing echogenic material consistent with thrombus.
Color Doppler flow is significantly diminished. With Valsalva maneuver no underlying varicocele.

Ultrasound Images & Clips


Testicular pain includes a wide array of differentials.
Doppler ultrasound provided a clear diagnosis. Findings are consistent with a thrombosis of the pampiniform plexus.


  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 52
  • Body part: Scrotum